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14 years already !!! ;ooo Wow... And I've only just discovered this site like... Hmm.. I'm not sure anymore... =w=" All the years sorta blend together after a while
Even though I've personally only been around for about a year... ^^" (and even so, not being very active...)

1st Creation by Manga-Grl <- >///< ahsfjksdlbvf this was my first art submission, made with dA Mural.. I'm not really good at making art on the computer at all :/ still needs A LOT more work

When Things Are Looking UpWhen things are looking up
I'll stop staring at the ground
looking at my dirt covered shoes
wondering if life will be this way forever
I'll start gazing at the open sky
freedom that cannot be denied
with a whole world still to discover
Begin living a new chapter
it's the turn of the century
finding a fresh outlook
So now I pick up the slack
at long last working hard to succeed
and it's all because
 <- the first piece of writing that I submitted... :< not quite sure what my intentions were when I wrote this anymore, I think maybe I was just using poetry as a way to rant as usual

What I AmI'm a dusty chest
Lying around in an empty room
I don't have anything
Just an empty shell
I'm a lonely doll
Left sitting on a shelf
I only want to be adored
Just an unwanted toy
I'm a cracked plate
Taking up space
Others will take my place
Just an imperfect piece
I'm a darkened lamp
That won't ever see the light
They keep me locked away
Just useless junk
I'm a stranger
Passed by on a busy street
No one cares about me
Just another face
I'm a casket
Silently buried underground
Close my lid and forget
Just a mistake
 <- from a time when I was feeling somewhat philosophical... ;u; definitely did not expect to get featured in a group for this one.. I feel like I've kind of grown with my writing pieces, especially when comparing the more recent ones (the ones I havent even submitted yet..) to the older ones

 Frozen Lights by Manga-Grl <- I really like this picture.. It really captured the moment in my opinion, given that it was just a week or two before Christmas and it just froze over in a pretty way. I'm glad that others seemed to think so too, seeing as it got a few favourites~ ^ ^ Also, it was my first photo submission (I think...?)

Totoro by Manga-Grl <- I loooove to sew plushies, and this was the first photo submission I made of any creation that I physically made :3 I surprisingly got a couple of comments for this.. maybe I'll post more of my plushies sometime.. or my clay creations.. 

Mother Nature by Manga-Grl <- first ever drawing submission... o///o I question myself for this.. FHSAJKGLF, LIKE, WHY DID I EVER POST THIS, WHY WHYWHYWWHYWHWYHWYHWHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY T_T not quite my usual style. . . idkkkk

Overall, deviantART has inspired me to explore more medias (like, whenever I find some gorgeous artwork while browsing, created by some really awesome artist, I just fdsajshgosufhvoxzifdhoi)
I really hope that I can continue to grow as a writer and as an artist!! c;



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